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Parent Pick Up and Drop Off

line of cars

Every child will be assigned a pick-up number.  You will receive a luggage tag with your family’s number that needs to be placed on the top handle of your student’s backpack with the zip tie provided.  If you have more than one student in your family, you will receive a numbered luggage tag for each student.  You will also receive a corresponding number sign for your car to place on the passenger side window or hang from your rear-view mirror.  This will allow staff to verify the number in your car window with the number on your student’s backpack. If you have questions about registering for parent-pick up, please call Tracy Heath in our front office at 636-851-4517.

Students must be dropped off at parent drop-off between 7:50 am - 8:10 am in the back of the building. Please do not allow your student to get out of the car until a teacher/staff member is walking out of the building with the orange cones. Parent drop-off closes at 8:10 am. We allow 5 mins of transition time from 8:10 am - 8:15 am. If your student enters the back door after 8:15 am they will be marked tardy. If the back door is closed, parent drop-off is over so you will need to bring your student to the front office to sign in. We understand that the parent drop-off line is lengthy and it is difficult to get through the line in 20 minutes.  Please remember that all students are bus eligible and have access to transportation.  It is also helpful if your student is ready to exit the car when you enter the yellow zone in the parking lot.  Please have your morning good-byes exchanged, breakfast in hand, and backpacks on so your student may safely exit the car quickly on the right side of your vehicle. Students should exit through the passenger side of the vehicle. Staff members are out there to assist students so parents do not need to exit the vehicle.

Visit the District Transportation webpage for bus route information and bus guidelines.